Thrive Mindfulness Norwich is Going 30 Days Wild! - Thrive Mindfulness & Wellbeing

We are really excited to announce that here at Thrive Mindfulness Norwich we are taking up the 30 day wild challenge! This is a month-long nature challenge in June; doing something wild every day for 30 days. This free challenge set up by the Wildlife Trust is a great way to reconnect with nature and feel happier and healthier as well. The Wildlife Trust sends you out a free pack with wall chart, stickers, a badge and five ‘random acts of wildness’ cards. We are very especially excited about one of the cards we received (turning off all electric gadgets for the day) – that will definitely be interesting and real challenge for us!

So why are we doing the challenge at Thrive Mindfulness Norwich? Well, first off we love teaching mindfulness in the wild. Nature and people are linked to one another and it feels good to be in the present moment in nature, to reconnect to this sense of belonging to the natural world. Lots of us find it easier to be mindful in nature rather than anywhere else in our lives – for example when you walk your dog in the park, experience an amazing sunset, feel the grass under your toes or notice the full moon on your way home in the evening. During these moments we often feel naturally mindful, noticing the present moment rather than being caught up with thoughts about the past or future. We are more likely to be in the ‘being mode’, noticing the touch, taste, smell, sight, sound of nature rather than the ‘doing mode’ which causes us stress when we spend too much theme there.

There is lots of evidence to suggest that being spending time in nature is good for our wellbeing and our health and when we can notice the natural world and savour it using mindfulness practices this effect can only grow stronger. It’s also a brilliant way to introduce mindfulness to children with fun accessible activities in the natural world where they learn best. Allowing children to learn to focus on the here and now can help them sleep better, have more focus and concentration, learn to relax and boost their self esteem.

There are lots of activities suggested by the wildlife trust including den building, compost making, identifying wild flowers and some lovely simple ones too such as having a picnic, reading a book outside and looking up at the clouds in the sky!

So this June we would love you to follow our wild days journey and we will introduce the little ones Indy (4) and Arlo (2) so you can see how mindfulness in nature works or doesn’t with children! We would love to hear your own feedback as well if you are also doing the 30 day wild challenge. There is still time to be sent an email pack!

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