Summer into Autumn: Endings and beginnings - Thrive Mindfulness & Wellbeing

So the weather has started changing, it’s back to school time whether you are a teacher or parent, and the end of the summer and holidays. For some it’s a time of new beginnings and for others it can feel like a stressful time of year. Getting back to the grindstone of the school run, no more holidays to look forward to and settling back to into the routine can feel a little hard.

Our oldest has just started school this year and it’s been hard adjusting. A big transition for all the family, dealing with new routines, new responsibilities and spending less time together.

It’s at times like these when mindfulness can be very helpful. With mindfulness we don’t need to rely on that pick me up holiday or a one-off treat, we can bring a moment of calm, a moment of stillness into everyday life. It can help us to enjoy the moments with our children, our partners and friends rather than worrying about all the thing we need to get done. Lots of people say to me I don’t have time to be mindful perhaps not realising what mindfulness truly is. Mindfulness can be used anywhere, anytime. We don’t have to sit, legs crossed and meditate for an hour! Mindfulness can be stopping to notice that we are breathing, really tasting that cup of tea we are drinking or noticing the heat of the water as we are showering. So with this in mind, 3 simple practices to start incorporating mindfulness into your life.

1. Mindful wake up
when you wake up in the morning can you take a minute to just notice, notice that you are breathing, feel the breath moving your belly, can you notice any sounds you can hear, the touch of the bedsheets on your skin. This doesn’t have to take long but can you set up for the day to bring more present moment awareness not your life.

2.Mindful walking
As you move around during the day seeing if you can bring mindfulness to this for example if you are walking around the office, rather than worrying about that meeting or thinking what you are going to do when you get home, see if you become aware of the ground beneath you as your feet touch the floor, what its feels like as you swing your arms and legs as you move.

3. Mindful touch points
This is great one to remind us to be mindful. It’s easier to remember we need to meditate but to be mindful throughout the day is difficult as its changing a habit. Most of my students say after the first week of the mindfulness course that the forget to be mindful! I use this one: every time I touch a handle to open a door I remember to notice my breath, it’s that simple. A good one if you work in a office is to notice you breath when you sit down at the computer or get up from your chair or answer the phone of for example if you work in a service industry every time you meet a new customer take time to notice your breath.