Mindfully wild: the end of 30 days of wildness - Thrive Mindfulness & Wellbeing

So the end of 30 days wild has come. We had an absolute blast, really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. As a family, although we often do outdoorsy stuff, I think it helped us to notice the everyday nature that we normally don’t stop to notice: the poppies in the car park, the bees in the playground flowers.

It was great connecting with lots of knowledgable people in the Facebook group, who could help with any ‘what is this?’ questions, but also just enjoying all their photos of amazing moments, places and animals/ mini beasts. It’s a good reminder to us that the world is filled with love, laughter and splendour as well as all the negative stuff that usually becomes the focal point for our attention. It made me appreciate the world around me more and be grateful for all that we have.

The children appeared to really enjoy the month and the things we got up, to especially den building and jumping in puddles. They also appear much more aware of all the little bugs that surround us and the smallest boy really enjoys following and talking to the bees now! We have also used the month to finally do something with our garden after living here for 3 years! A mud kitchen has already arrived and we have a lovely digging area and quarry for the kids. Also we have planted a bit of veg and have a mini pond. We still have a long way to go but we are enjoying the process of being out in the garden more and noticing the little changes in the plants growing.

It has also allowed for more mindful moments, taking time to notice these small changes in the natural world, to connect with nature and feel a part of something bigger. To slow down and appreciate what we already have. As I was meditating in the garden on the rare occasion when the house was quiet, I could feel the wind in my hair and on my skin, the warmth of the sun on my face and the ground beneath me and noticing my breath. It seems so much easier to be in the moment when surrounded by the natural world. I guess it’s because we are part of it, interconnected and alive.

As Claire Thompson in Mindfulness and the Natural World states ‘isn’t this enough? Isn’t sharing and participating in this beautifully mysterious natural world enough? Nature is our home and if we need to have a purpose at all, why isn’t it simply being alive, right now?’.

The Facebook group stays open by the way all year for people to continue sharing their love of nature. #staywild #365days