Mindful Pregnancy & New Mothers

enquire-nowThis course is for pregnant women and new mothers. It will help reduce stress, improve mood and enhance the connection between mum and baby/bump!

From hormones to stretch marks, labour pain to nappy changing and trying to sooth a crying baby, becoming a mum is certainly an adventure! The rapid change in your body, lifestyle and your very identity can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Mindfulness can help you meet this challenge.

Being mindful is not yet another goal to be achieved in order to be a good mum. It’s not about becoming someone other than who you already are. Being mindful is about being present in your body and connected with your baby no matter what is happening, helping you stay balanced, healthy and connected with your baby even in difficult moments.

This course is 8 weeks long but shorter courses are available. Please enquire for more details.

£195 for 8 week course, 8 sessions each lasting two hours
Concessions are available for students, low income and unemployed

This course will teach you:

  • Formal meditation
  • Mindful movement
  • How to fit mindfulness practice into a busy day using bite-size pieces
  • How to bring mindfulness to everyday activities such as eating, showering, nappy changing, etc
  • How to connect mindfully with your baby

Included in price:

  • Online discussion group for the duration of the group
  • Workbook and CD