Dealing with an uncertain world - Thrive Mindfulness & Wellbeing

I’m writing this on the morning after the general election and woke to news of a hung parliament and uncertainty. Whatever your political views this does seem to be a time of more upheaval and uncertainty, especially with the recent shocking events in London and Manchester.

My mindfulness practice helps me to negotiate this uncertainty, the breath is always there to guide me, and helps me feel calm and centred. Mindful awareness also develops our kindness and compassion for ourself and for others and therefore helps us to feel more united. Although it may sound cheesy, love and compassion are really the best way to help us unite and have more tolerance for each other.

Again this year we are following the 30 days wild campaign by the wildlife trust and are trying to do something wild everyday. Check out our blogs last year on this very subject! It is also week five of our mindfulness course where we focus on letting in the good. Getting in touch with nature is a great way to do this, it makes us feel great just being in a natural environment and when we take the time to truly appreciate and saviour the beauty of nature it lifts our spirit and creates joy!

So step out the front door and see if you can reconnect with nature, stare at the clouds, notice a fragrance of a beautiful flower or watch the sunset. Let it truly sink in and absorb the experience, you will be amazed how good you feel!

Here’s a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver and connecting with the natural world: