Mindfulness – what are the benefits?

What is mindfulness and what are the benefits? Ok so we are going back to basics in this blog. Why? Because I’m running a new  course in January and would love everyone to benefit from this amazing practice. I also get a lot of emails asking me questions about the course, so thought this could […]

Dealing with an uncertain world

I’m writing this on the morning after the general election and woke to news of a hung parliament and uncertainty. Whatever your political views this does seem to be a time of more upheaval and uncertainty, especially with the recent shocking events in London and Manchester. My mindfulness practice helps me to negotiate this uncertainty, […]

marking international happiness day – a free class for kids!

Classes in happiness should bring a smile to any child’s face and that’s exactly what we are offering – better still, they’re free! To mark International Happiness Day on March 20, Occupational therapist, mindfulness teacher and Relax Kids coach, Holly Sly, will be running free Relax Kids classes at the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library, […]

The Mindful Guide to New Years Resolutions

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life’?’ The Summers Day by Mary Oliver  So you may guessed if you follow thrive on Facebook that I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. Normally we put off changing until the new year and then beat ourselves up when […]

The Art of Connecting

‘It’s marvellous to be – one should never be anything else’ Mogens Lorentzen If you have entered a book shop recently, picked up a lifestyle magazine or browsed the Internet/Facebook you are probably already aware of hygge (pronounced hue-gah) A Danish concept that roughly translates to ‘cosy’ although it’s much more than that. It’s about […]

Summer into Autumn: Endings and beginnings

So the weather has started changing, it’s back to school time whether you are a teacher or parent, and the end of the summer and holidays. For some it’s a time of new beginnings and for others it can feel like a stressful time of year. Getting back to the grindstone of the school run, […]

Mindfully wild: the end of 30 days of wildness

So the end of 30 days wild has come. We had an absolute blast, really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. As a family, although we often do outdoorsy stuff, I think it helped us to notice the everyday nature that we normally don’t stop to notice: the poppies in the car park, the bees […]

30 days wild – the beauty of connection

Day 19 – so over half way now. In the last week our wildness has started occurring more naturally, rather than feeling like we here to do something wild, it’s just been happening. More mindful noticing of the nature that’s exists all around us, the wildflowers on our doorstep, the poppies in the car park […]

Mindfully wild – week one!

So it’s been a just over a week since we started the 30 days wild challenge set by the wildlife trust to get out in nature every day. Here at Thrive we thought this would be a great way to mix wildness with mindfulness! So with that in mind here are some things I have […]

Thrive Mindfulness Norwich is Going 30 Days Wild!

We are really excited to announce that here at Thrive Mindfulness Norwich we are taking up the 30 day wild challenge! This is a month-long nature challenge in June; doing something wild every day for 30 days. This free challenge set up by the Wildlife Trust is a great way to reconnect with nature and […]