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Day 19 – so over half way now. In the last week our wildness has started occurring more naturally, rather than feeling like we here to do something wild, it’s just been happening. More mindful noticing of the nature that’s exists all around us, the wildflowers on our doorstep, the poppies in the car park on our way to a toddler group and taking our shoes off in the park to feel the grass between our toes.

The small ones continue to be great mindfulness teachers but they have also started to appreciate the nature around us more and have enjoyed some lovely books about nature including the big bug log by Sebastien Braun. So even a trip to the library now has been infused with wildness!

When we sit or walk in nature, very soon what happens is we start thinking, learning to set aside thoughts, (letting them go) and coming back to what we can see, hear, what we can touch or smell and just being completely in each moment allows us a sense of freedom and happiness as Claire thompson in her book mindfulness and the natural world says ‘you too are nature, you too are alive’.*

The 30 days challenge has also spurred us on to tackle our small very wild and slightly unloved garden. We used to grow veg before the kids but haven’t really touched our new garden since the littles ones arrived, it’s a bit of a wasteland with builders rubble for soil. Inspired by others’ pictures of gardens on the 30 days wild Facebook group I put up a picture of our small garden to ask for some advice and boy was I overwhelmed with the feedback. The picture got well over 50 comments with some amazing ideas. I was really touched to see how many people cared and took the time to give us some advice. Sometimes the world we live in is a difficult place to be and we see so much negativity both in the news and also on social media so it was lovely to remember that there are loads of lovely amazing people who take the time to care for others and the natural world.

A quote to live by ‘ every living being is connected intimately and from this intimacy follows capacity of identification and as its natural consequences, practice of non-violence’ Arne Naess

We can’t wait for what next week has in store!

*Mindfulness and the natural world, Bringing our awareness back to nature. Claire Thompson , 2013